Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kupcakery in Cabbagetown=Amazing!

I had a blast doing a cupcake sale in Cabbagetown, with much thanks to my friend Kate and her family for giving me a space to operate, and kindly ferrying me and my 10 dozen(!) cupcakes across town last saturday. It was a huge success, with every last cake sold, and loads of positive feedback.
The only downside of the day (well, aside from the fact that i got a bit of sunstroke from standing out in the heat all day)was that my camera's battery died, so I didn't get any photos myself. However, a few different people took pictures and my card with promises to share later. The photo at left is from David O, and I thank him very much, especially because it's lovely!
I ended up with seven flavours on offer, and the first to sell out was the one I just invented and least expected--Lumberjack's Breakfast. It's a coffee-flavoured cake with real maple syrup buttercream...and "bacon" bits. I really wanted to try a vegan spin on the "bacon on everything" craze that's been sweeping the omnivore food scene, and it came off better than i could have hoped, with a sweet/salty/soft/crunchy combo make me gain a few pounds, and happily.
A huge number of people have asked where my shop is located...if you're one of them, for the time being, it is located right here. All my cakes are small batch baked in my home, until such time as I can command enough of a following to open up a wee shop of my own. JUst call or email, and I'm at your cupcake command!

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veganf said...

10, that must have taken some time!! Delish!