Monday, November 30, 2009

Punkin' Pie Cupcakes

Okay. I went and got my camera, so now I can share some (poor quality) photos with you once again. First up is my Thanksgiving-y offering. Pumpkin pie stuffed, y'all!
You know, I can never get blogger to put pictures in the order i want them. That's my friend's hand with a cutaway shot: It's a vanilla spice cake with a real creamy pumpkin pie centre baked in, and topped with swirl of whip cream-esque vanilla buttercream. Oh and of course, a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar!
Cupcakes on the March!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Developments and a missing camera

Ok. So, I have been making some tasty, tasty shitake recently. But my camera has been hiding at my friend's place since hallowe'en. And maybe I'm wrong, but...posting about food just isn't the same without photos to back 'er up. So you'll have to wait for my Pumpkin Pie Stuffed Spice Cups, I'm afraid...
In other developments, the Kupcakery and I are getting an upgrade. I'm going back to school part time to study decorating for real, so that I can add special occasion cakes to the mix. I could probably make a nice looking cake now, but I want to know enough technique to keep my wedding layers layered. After that, this place is going to be a business in earnest. There will probably be a website change, and I'm hashing over the thought of another name...I'm not sure if I like my name as my quote-unquote "brand" or not.
I'll keep you posted. And more blog as soon as I find the camera!