Wednesday, November 26, 2008

kelly makes with the cakes

I'm still doing a lot of "test-kitchening", testing out products and the like on the legions of willing cake eaters in my life. Today's big experiment is vegan chocolate pomegranate cupcakes. The seeds are like jewels, so, so pretty. I've just finally figured out how to add photos(the computer is not my strongest suit), and before you know it, i'll be ready to make something for you!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kelly's Kupcakery 101

Welcome to Kelly's Kupcakery!
What's that? Oh. What's a "Kupcakery", you ask? Let me explain.
First off, Hi! I'm Kelly. The kupcakery is my bakery...a bakery that specializes in cupcakes. Dainty little treats for all occasions. Why? Mostly because I happen to just plain love cupcakes. They're little, sweet, and adorable. You never have to argue over who got a bigger piece, because you always get a whole cake, just for you. Having a cupcake makes you feel like a little kid. You pick it up, look at it from every angle, carefully peel off the paper as though it's a gift, enjoy the anticipation of how sweet the first taste will be. Will you bite into the cake first? Lick the frosting? Have a little of both?
A cupcake is never just food. They're special like that.
I've always loved baking sweet things to share with my friends, and now I want to share them with you, too. So let me know: what's your event-fancy, casual? Kids or adults? What's your favorite color? Flavour (Or combination...imagine chocolate cake stuffed with minty buttercream, or a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich in dessert form!)? Would you like everything decorated with tiny pumpkins? Send me an email, and let me make it happen!

All my cupcakes are vegan (more on that in another post), which means no dairy, eggs, or other animal products, and can be made organic by request.

The photo in this post is my prize-winning entry from last years' Toronto Vegetarian Association Vegan Bake-Off, Double-D Mini Cheesecakes. They won a prize in the cake/cupcake category, and consisted of a cookie crust, two layers of "cheese"cake(chocolate and caramel), caramel buttercream topping, and a chocolate dd on top.