Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Looking forward to the Holidays

It's the first of December. I love the holidays. Ok, I don't love the angst, the pressure, the busy-ness, or the crowds at the mall, but I do like snow, and cocoa, and tasty foods with the people I like the best. I've started edging toward holiday cupcake flavours this past week, and so far we have this:

And that is a Ginger Binge cupcake. A spicy gingerbread cake, studded with bits of candied ginger, and (with thanks to Isa, Terry, and VCTOTW) lemon frosting. For some reason, until I saw their gingerbread cupcake, i never would have thought of lemon and ginger as a good flavour combination, but I tried it out and wowee-zowee, it's great!
And I have to admit, i prefer this cupcake to gingerbread men...even if i can't dunk it in my teacup.