Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shots are on me!

Ok, no. I am not buying all y'all free drinks. But I offer you a boozy bite.
This is a Rum'n'Raisin mini cupcake. I like my rummy cupcakes really rummy, so I keep them bite-sized to prevent drunken cupcake fiascos. Rum and rum-soaked raisins are both in the moist, dense cake, topped with rum buttercream and a single drunken raisin up on the top.

Incidentally, you've probably noticed by now that I use mostly vegan buttercream as my frosting of choice. It's versatile and dagnabit, it's delish! I do top cupcakes with glazes and ganaches too, but I have to admit that buttercream is what you're going to see the most around here.

1 comment:

kim g. said...

I always hated rum raisin flavor as a kid, but I think that I need to try it again. I never really think of it, but this is making me want some!