Monday, June 1, 2009

Cowanation Cupcake Sale

Cowanation--It's a street long yard sale, wrapped up in a party, wrapped up in...a cupcake. With a nice side order of community spirit. I decided that this year's event was a perfect time to take my cakes out and see what people had to say. Turns out, they said a lot of amazingly nice things, things like "delicious" and "adorable" and "vegan?"...and also, "Can I get your business card?" Now, that's a bit of a story, but the part that matters is that my business cards weren't ready on yard sale day, even though my food was. So I handed out my email and phone number on a few scraps of paper, and told a few people to come back and just beat on the door if they wanted to. So now I'm planning a little door-to-door flyer expedition on my street, just to be sure everyone can find me for real. Especially the nice lady who was interested in me doing some baby shower treats for her, which sounded like fun.
So, on to the days treats: I had cupcakes in Classic Vanilla, Classic Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Jelly (yes, thats a peanut butter cupcake with grape jelly filling!) the considerably more popular than expected Coo-Coo for Coconuts, and the brand new crowd pleasing invention, Kupcake-Ka-Bobs. A Kupcake-Ka-Bob, for those who weren't lucky enough to get one before i completely sold out (shocker! 10 dozen cupcakes in under three hours!), is a bamboo skewer of yummy individually iced mini cupcakes. The last two went to a pair of toddlers riding in a little red wagon, which was so perfect it made me nearly die of cuteness.
Much thanks to all my friends and neighbors who made Cowanation such a totally fun and successful day for me, I had a total blast and found the confidence that I can build a business out of my love of cute-as-heck food objects. Also, thanks to all the people who let me take photos of them enjoying tasty cupcakes!

ps. I'm still fighting the battle of me vs. blogger when it comes to photos. it looks like rest of my cowanation pictures may be a seperate entry for now.

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